Shopify is one of the most convenient platforms that allows business owners to build their fully-featured Shopify app and grow exponentially. 

It all happened because of various Shopify tools and resources that every Shopify developer uses to make the development process easier and faster.

If you're planning to build a Shopify app for your business and you've hired a Shopify app development company then you require some supportive tools and resources that help developers to build the app feature-rich and eye-catching.

In this article, we have listed the top Shopify app development tools and resources that help every Shopify developer to build an app compelling and rich. 

Let's get started!

Top Shopify App Development Tools and Resources for Developers

Here's the list of Shopify tools and resources that every Shopify developer requires from beginners to advanced:

1. Shopify App Building Tutorials

Whether you're a complete beginner in Shopify app development or advanced, you may require some proper guidance and tutorials to build your Shopify app. Now, you can have completed guidance from Shopify experts to build your Shopify app via webinars, newsletters and detailed guides that you can consider. Here are some best tutorials you can check:

  • Building a Public Shopify App
  • How to Build a Shopify App in One Week?
  • Shopify Partner Session Webinar
  • Mastering Shopify Apps
  • Build a Shopify App with Node and React

2. Development and Testing Tools

There are various Shopify development and testing tools every Shopify developer requires to ensure APIs are integrated correctly, and functions work properly in the app. Here are some tools that you can consider for development and testing:

  • NGROK - Secure Testing
  • Postman (Sending HTTP req to API endpoint)
  • Request Bin (to check webhooks)
  • The Shopify GraphQL Learning Kit
  • Order Editing: What this means for Shopify App Developers

3. App Hosting

Once you build your Shopify app, you need a platform to host it. Here are some of the best app hosting platforms you can consider:

  • Heroku
  • Digital Ocean
  • AWS Free Tier

4. Getting Started with API

If you're making API first or want to update, then these are some essential resources you should check:

  • Shopify's API Changelog
  • Supported Libraries
  • Shopify's Status Page
  • Manage Webhooks with Admin API
  • Building a Public Shopify Application
  • Introducing API Versioning at Shopify

5. Encryption

For all Shopify Apps, SSL or secure sockets layer is a must-have requirement; therefore, encryption is essential. Here's the guide for SSL certificate for your app:

  • Free SSL Certificate for your Shopify App

6. Front-end Development

Once you've built your Shopify app back end, it's time to build the front end with a user-friendly interface. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, with Shopify expert's given framework and cheatsheet, you can build a Shopify front-end. Here are some of the best frameworks, cheat sheets and guides that help you to build front-end Shopify:

  • Shopify's Liquid Cheat Sheet 
  • Helio (to get feedback on your design work)
  • Polaris (Shopify official design system & UI kit)
  • User testing your Shopify app (Sharing to the public for the test)

7. Submitting Your App to Shopify App Store

Now your app is ready, and you're planning to submit your app to the Shopify app store, you require documentation that helps you to submit your Shopify app store. Here's the complete guide for submitting your app to the Shopify app store:

  • Shopify App Submission Guidelines
  • Step-by-step Guide on How We Optimized Our App Listing in the Shopify App Store
  • Guidelines and Resources for Getting Listed in the Shopify App Store

8. Launching and Marketing

It's time to build, launch and promote your Shopify App. Here are some proper how-to guides that can help you to launch and market your Shopify App:

  • How to be successful on the New Shopify Store App
  • How to get more app downloads in the Shopify Store App
  • How to brand your Shopify App to earn more
  • Getting Started with Shopify App Store Ads
  • How to create Ads in the Shopify App Store

Wrapping Up!

These are the range of top tools and resources every Best Shopify developers requires to build an app from scratch to launch in the Shopify App Store. Now it's your turn to start reading these guides and newsletters to start your app development journey with Shopify app development company and use tools to make the development process easier.